Lockridge is Healthy and Contributing with RiverDogs

Brandon Lockridge doesn’t take anything for granted when playing the game he loves. “I just try to play every single game like it’s my last game, so I’m going to try to bust it, play 100 percent,” Lockridge said.

The outfielder is in his second year in the New York Yankees organization, currently playing with the Charleston RiverDogs of the Single-A Charleston RiverDogs.

Lockridge grew up in Pensacola, FL and played baseball at Pensacola Catholic High School. At first, there weren’t a lot of opportunities coming his way to play Division 1 NCAA baseball. “I had some small schools that recruited me out of high school. You could say I was a late bloomer coming out of high school. I didn’t grow until later so the big schools were already checked out,” Lockridge said.

Division 1 schools did eventually come calling, including one close to home. “I had an offer from the University of New Orleans, the University of North Florida, Troy, which was kind of my bigger schools. A bunch of junior colleges. I wanted to stay kind of close to home, and Troy was only two and a half hours away, so I decided to go.”

While at Troy, Lockridge not only proved he belonged but excelled. He ended up breaking Troy’s single-season record for triples, with seven, on his way to becoming the school’s all-time leader in that category with 14. Lockridge established that record in just three seasons. He also earned the ABCA/Rawlings Gold Glove Award for his junior season when he only committed one error while registering 164 putouts for a .994 fielding percentage. This came after playing his first two seasons in the infield.

Despite those impressive numbers, Lockridge isn’t resting on his laurels. “I’m working every single day. I played my first two years in the infield in college and having only one year in the outfield behind me; I think there’s a way to get better every single day in some aspect of my game: first step, routes, route efficiency. We have a bunch of great coaches here with the Yankees that helped me with that side of it,” Lockridge said.

Lockridge finished his junior season at Troy with the expectation of being drafted. “There were teams calling kind of throughout day two. I got a call a few picks before the Yankees pick and it was like, ‘Hey, we have an offer on the table, will you take it?’ and I said, ‘of course.’ I haven’t looked back since then,” Lockridge said.

The Yankees selected Lockridge in the fifth round of the 2018 MLB June Amateur Draft, and even though he still had a year of eligibility at Troy, he decided to make the jump to professional baseball. “I knew I had a chance to be drafted, so it wasn’t a surprise to me at the moment when it happened. I just felt like it’d be a better opportunity to just get my career started and that’s kind of how I did it,” he said of his decision to sign with the Yankees.

One of the tools that Lockridge showcases defensively in his game is speed. He looks to also take more advantage of that on the offensive side of his game. “I try to showcase my speed every chance I get whether it’s running the bases or in the outfield. Hit a ground ball in the infield; I’m going to try and beat it out every time, that’s how I play.” So far in 2019, he has stolen five bases in six attempts. “I’ve been working on (stealing bases) in instructional league and spring training. I need to utilize that part of my game more this year.”

Lockridge stands 6’1” with 185 lbs on his frame. He’s lean and quick, and he keeps that in mind when at the plate. “Utilize my speed. Not doing too much. At this point in my game, I’m a gap to gap kind of guy. Staying within myself and keeping a middle of the field approach every time. That kind of what plays for me,” Lockridge said of his approach.

Lockridge also talked about having a familiarity to help him transition from his first professional season to his second. “It’s a huge difference maker. When I first got here in the summer, I didn’t know anybody, didn’t know the coaches. You feel a little more nervous, on edge when you don’t know anybody, but now after playing the summer on two different teams, instructional league, strength camp, spring training, I mean I know everybody now. You feel like everyone believes in you and it’s a great family atmosphere.” Lockridge is reunited with Staten Island teammates Kyle Gray, and Eric Wagaman, among others. “They’re great teammates, and great guys and I like surrounding myself with those kinds of people.”

A thumb injury shortened Lockridge’s first season, but he worked his way back, and the thumb is fully healed. “It was a freak accident that happened. Trainers and everyone were super helpful with me. They sent me to the best doctor, surgeon and I got it taken care of so I could be back for instructional league, and I’ve been great ever since,” Lockridge said. “It was very frustrating. Obviously, you want to be on the field every chance you can get but it came at the end of the season so doing the rehab after that and staying around and being in Tampa rehabbing by myself while my teammates are playing, it sucked. It’s pretty tough on that side of it. But I came back, and everyone was super encouraging, and here I am now, so I’m thankful.”

Lockridge prepared himself for the challenge of a 140 game season. “There are some times where you feel like you need to work harder physically and rather than just getting the quantity you need, less reps, more quality rather than just taking swings with no purpose in mind.”

He rested up his legs and participated in Yankees Strength Camp during the offseason. “At the end of the season, I was pretty worn down last season between college and my first professional season, and I had lost some weight. Put a little bit of weight back on. I needed some time for my legs to recover. Had a great time and went to strength camp with the Yankees for three weeks. Came in and worked out locally in Pensacola.”

Lockridge has invested himself entirely in the Yankee philosophy. “Respect the game, and good things happen. That’s kind of what the Yankees want us doing. I try to showcase my speed every chance I get whether it’s running the bases or in the outfield. Hit a ground ball in the infield; I’m going to try and beat it out every time, that’s how I play.”

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Sunday Real Estate: Mansion With Hair Salon, Home Theaters, More

This Florida mansion comes with its own hair salon. (Via

LAKELAND, FL — This week’s Sunday Real Estate takes you to Parkland, Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakeland. We visit a mansion that comes with its own very own hair salon and others that boast amazing views along with high-end home theaters.

You can find all of these homes and other great properties on

PARKLAND, FL — If you enjoy getting your hair done but hate leaving home, we have just the property for you. "Touch up and trim your own hair or give your friends a stylish up-do from your… Read more

SARASOTA, FL — This $7.1 million mansion offers breathtaking views, private beach access and a private dock with enough room for two boat lifts. Bury your toes in your own private beach, fish… Read more

BRADENTON, FL — This Bradenton estate will set you back $1.7 million. Surrounded by live oaks and and protected wetlands. The home boasts an elegant driveway that evokes a sense of grandeur. … Read more

LAKELAND, FL — This $1.6 million Lakeland home boasts lake and sunset views. "Prepare to be enchanted. This uber luxurious Grasslands home, built in 2008 is ideally situated at the beginning… Read more

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5 Brandon Area Foreclosures To Check Out


BRANDON, FL — Do you feel like reasonably priced houses are pretty difficult to find in your community? No harm in checking out the foreclosed properties on the market. You could very well find your dream home in the rough!

Here’s a list of five new foreclosures on the market near you — many of them surprisingly affordable for their size and location.

Below, you’ll find an address, photo, price and size for each property on our list — including one with 3 beds and 1 bath for $110,000, and another with 4 beds and 3 baths for $188,500.

Want more information on one of the listings? Just click on any address to learn more. Enjoy!


Price: $188,500
Size: 2,243 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $280,000
Size: 2,297 sq. ft, 4 beds, and 4 baths

Price: $110,000
Size: 891 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 1 bath

Price: $155,000
Size: 1,475 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $190,000
Size: 2,118 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 3 baths

Hungry for more options? Keep scrolling for more listings. Or there’s always a full list of local foreclosures in our real-estate section for the Brandon area.

Photos courtesy of

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Brandon: 5 Latest Homes To Hit The Market


BRANDON, FL — On the hunt for a new house nearby, but getting tired of looking through the same old real-estate listings every time you search online? With our weekly list of new properties in your area, you can be sure you’re not missing anything.

Below, you’ll find the five latest homes to hit the market in the Brandon area — including one with 2 beds and 2 baths for $107,000, and another with 4 beds and 3 baths for $335,000.

Looking for more photos and information? Just click on any address to learn more. Happy house hunting!

Price: $279,900
Size: 2,625 sq. ft., 5 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $138,900
Size: 1,398 sq. ft, 2 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $335,000
Size: 2,948 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $107,000
Size: 811 sq. ft., 2 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $310,000
Size: 2,137 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 3 baths

Hungry for more? Keep scrolling for more listings. Or you’ll always find a complete list of nearby homes in our real-estate section for the Brandon area.

Photos courtesy of

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‘He poisoned her mind’: Florida man tried to marry 12-year-old niece, prosecutors say

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show that more than 700,000 children are referred to child protective agencies as a result of abuse or neglect in the U.S. each year. By

A Florida man was sentenced to 37 years in federal prison last week after a jury found that he sexually abused and tried to marry his 12-year-old niece, federal prosecutors said.

Mirza Hussain, a 56-year-old immigrant from Pakistan, brought his sister, brother-in-law and two nieces to live with him in Brandon, Florida, after they won an immigration lottery and moved to the United States from Bangladesh in 2010, according to court records.

The family from Bangladesh was “culturally isolated, had no jobs, little money, lacked transportation, and struggled to communicate,” prosecutors said, adding that they were “at least initially, alone and completely dependent on Hussain for housing and transportation.”

Hussain’s wife soon started to notice “strange behavior” between her husband and his niece, who was 11 and 12 at the time, according to prosecutors. Eventually Hussain’s wife called child services to report suspected child abuse — and then the wife moved out, as did the niece and her family, prosecutors said.

In January 2012, the niece’s parents called Hillsborough County authorities to report that they’d discovered “sexually charged messages” between Hussain and the niece, as well as explicit photos, prosecutors said. Authorities said even more cellphones were turned over to police later, showing ongoing sexually explicit contact.

The texts included Hussain “professing his love for her and his intention to marry her, discussing sex with her, soliciting naked photographs from her, and asking her to masturbate for him,” federal prosecutors in Tampa said in a news release on Monday. Prosecutors said Hussain “also manipulated her into falsifying reports claiming that her parents were abusing her.”

Hussain was convicted on charges of enticement of a minor, document fraud and aggravated identity theft. He was found guilty during a one-week trial in January, prosecutors said. Hussain is a U.S. citizen.

“This criminal put his own agenda first, hurting his own family,” U.S. Homeland Security Investigations Tampa Special Agent in Charge James C. Spero said in a statement. “He thought he could get away with his despicable behavior by lying and blaming others for his actions.”

Prosecutors said that while Hussain hosted the family at his home, he bought phones, jewelry and tight clothes for the young girl. He “sexually battered his niece and started living with her openly as if she were his spouse — in front of her family and his wife,” prosecutors said in the news release.

Hussain went to Bangladesh in November 2012 and got a fake birth certificate in the niece’s name, which said she was born in 1995 rather than in 1998, prosecutors said. Hussain then got United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to issue a new Legal Permanent Resident card for the girl based on the falsified age, court records said.

Then, in November 2013, Hussain showed up at the niece’s parents’ home with the residency card, showing it to the girl’s parents as “proof” that their daughter “was a newly-minted 18-year-old,” according to court records.

Her parents called Tampa police, and when officers responded the parents showed authorities the girl’s Bangladeshi passport to demonstrate she was a minor born in 1998 — not an 18-year-old, court records said.

Federal prosecutors said Hussain was “as calculated as he was manipulative, possessive and jealous.” He even tried taking the girl to nightclubs and bars, court records said.

“Hussain did not simply lure his niece into a brief romantic and sexual encounter,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memorandum that called him an “aggressive child predator” and recommended life in prison. “He poisoned her mind, isolated her by turning her against her parents, and brainwashed her into believing that he and she were in love and destined to marry.”

The girl’s father testified at trial that Hussain had taken his daughter “to the bad side,” according to court records.

The abused girl said in a victim-impact letter that she fears that “had the family not left Hussain’s house, Hussain would have eventually abused her younger sister,” who was just 5 or 6 in 2010 when the family moved in, court records said.

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Thief Makes Off With Flood Lights At Famous Tate In Brandon

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a thief who stole seven floodlights from the Brandon Famous Tate store.

BRANDON, FL — The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a thief who stole seven floodlights from the Brandon Famous Tate store.

On April 2, a worker noticed floodlights missing around the property at 1015 E. Brandon Blvd. Surveillance video showed a white man riding a bike on the property around 2:30 a.m. that morning.

The floodlights were valued at about $180.

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 813-247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS (8477).

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Mercer County natives Ben Ruta, Brandon Wagner prepared to take on Double-A with hometown Thunder

Ben Ruta, left, and Brandon Wagner, right, talk to reporters during the Trenton Thunder’s media day press conference. Both are Mercer County natives. (John Berry/ Trentonian Photo)

TRENTON — Ben Ruta will never tire of the feeling that comes with walking into the home clubhouse at Arm & Hammer Park.

When you’re from Mercer County, it’s a rite of passage to head to the waterfront for a Thunder game during the summer. When Ruta was assigned to the Yankees’ Double-A affiliate, he couldn’t wait to get started.

"When you say it’s a homecoming, it’s a full circle moment," said Ruta, a West Windsor native who played in high school at West Windsor-Plainsboro South.

"Even last year, coming back I felt really, ‘Wow, I’m in the clubhouse now because when you’re a kid that’s what you dream of,’" he continued. "That feeling I thought it might go away, but walking in today, it’s like the same feeling every year. A lot of kids probably dream of this, but I accomplished it. It’s an awesome feeling."

He’s not alone when it comes to Mercer County talent in the clubhouse this season. Princeton native Brandon Wagner, an infielder who played his high school ball at Immaculata in Somerville, is also on the Opening Day roster.

"I remember the Derek Jeter rehab game and showing up for batting practice and seeing him walking around," Wagner said. "We have a picture somewhere in my house of that game. That comes to my mind, walking on the same field he rehabbed on and walking in the clubhouse."

Ruta, 24, and Wagner, 23, have struck up quite the friendship since both were drafted by the Yankees — Wagner in the sixth round in 2015 and Ruta in the 30th in 2016. They roomed together on the road while teammates for the bulk of the summer at High-A Tampa last season. They actually faced off once in high school during spring break trip to Florida with Wagner’s Immaculata beating Ruta’s WW-PS thanks to a Wagner home run. "I think I made two errors (at shortstop). That’s why I’m an outfielder now," Ruta recalled.

"It’s also good to have another guy to bounce ideas off of," Ruta said. "It’s like, ‘I’m going to change this a little bit, what do you think?’ We have a good relationship where we trust each other a lot with being open to changes. He’ll give me an honest answer, I’ll give him an honest answer. It’s good to have a guy like that who you’re working out with and going through the season with."

Both got a brief taste of Double-A last year. Ruta was a surprise selection to begin the season in Trenton despite not featuring at all at the High-A level. He posted a team-best .314 average in 36 games before he was unlucky to be optioned to Tampa for the remainder of the season.

In 119 total games, Ruta slashed .300/.350/.441 with eight homers, 53 RBIs and 37 stolen bases.

"It’s nice to have that experience to fall back on this year because it’s not anything new now and I know what to expect," Ruta said. "I know that I can compete at this level. I’m definitely going to look back on those experiences from last year and lean on them to try and get off to a similar start. Just going into this season with that confidence that you’ve already been at this level and had some success is something that kind of put your mind at ease."

Wagner, meanwhile, was promoted from High-A for the season’s final 37 games where he batted .262. His overall numbers across 124 games were solid as he slashed .267/.380/.461 with 21 homers and 67 RBIs.

"It’s just fine-tuning the game," Wagner said. "Realizing that going from High-A to Double-A, the pitching is a little bit better. The big thing was missing a pitch. I missed a lot of pitches early in the count and guys have better strikeout stuff. For me in the offseason, it was just fine-tuning the swing a little bit more."

The Yankees also deemed him the organization’s Minor League Player of the Year.

"It’s a great accomplishment, but I couldn’t haven’t done without the teammates, especially at High-A," Wagner said. "You go up and down that lineup, and anybody could have got that award."

The award, Wagner said, is at his home "in the kitchen," so he’ll get to see it plenty for however long he remains with the Thunder.

"I think it’s pretty easy to come home," said Wagner, who ate at PJ’s Pancake House in Princeton as soon as he got in from Florida. "Other guys are looking for houses, apartments, places to live and for us we’re able to just get back and concentrate on baseball now."

"It’s always nice to be home and be familiar with the area and just put all the unknowns at ease because we’re so familiar with it," Ruta said. "To have another guy to share it with is even better because we can talk about Princeton and got out or talk about breakfast. Where you going? I know this spot, he knows that spot."

Ultimately, the B&B Boys or "whatever you want to call it," as Ruta put it, are chasing the same goal.

"Hopefully," Ruta said, "instead of moving down, moving up this year."

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Real Estate Briefs

Real Estate Show: Naples golfers take note on our instruction lesson show

James D. York, a local Realtor is the host with Realtors Michael and Morgan York of York Real Estate Group of Downing Frye Realty on the show “Southwest Florida Real Estate Update.” The show has different guests who specialize in relevant topics. This week’s show will discuss the topic: “Naples golfers take note on our instruction lesson show.” Questions about upcoming topics or to suggest a topic for the show, email: All shows can be viewed at under the online education icon.

41 West completes renovation

41 West, ranked #1 general contractor in Naples by Houzz, has successfully completed its fifth condo renovation at St. Raphael in Pelican Bay. 41 West has been building custom homes and remodeling luxury condos and homes in the beach communities of Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Beach since 1995. For more information on a 41 West custom-built home, luxury condo or home remodel or to view 41 West’s project gallery, visit

CRE Consultants

New Era Spa, LLC leased a 2,500 SF retail space in Tanglewood Marketplace at 4910 Tamiami Trail N, Suites 200 & 202, Naples from Tanglewood Naples, LLC. Biagio Bernardo and Bill Young negotiated the transaction.

Donald Garrett leased 1,500 SF of industrial space in Collier Park of Commerce at 2960 Horseshoe Drive S, Unit 300, Naples from Helios Colliers, LLC. Dave Wallace, negotiated the transaction.

Vieste, LLC leased 1,363 SF of office space in Riverview Corporate Center at 27299 Riverview Center Boulevard, Suite 105, Bonita Springs from Brookwood SFL I, LLC. Randal Mercer and Brandon Stoneburner negotiated the transaction.

Farm Stand Café leased a 1,003 SF retail space at 1250 9th Street N, Unit 111, Naples from Naples Uno, LLC. Michael Mahan and Bill Young negotiated the transaction.

Salon Look leased a 975 SF retail space in Pelican Plaza at 707 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island from Stephen J Lockwood & Company, LLC. Biagio Bernardo and Bill Young negotiated the transaction.

MVP Realty top producers

The company has announced their Top Producing Agents for February 2019: #1 Denise Stilwell, #2 Susan Bellina, #3 Patricia Dovichi, #4 Kendra Hoefs, #5 Scott Riddle, #6 Mindy Sylvester, #7 David Foster, #8 Jenny Burdick, #9 Peggy Lotz, #10 Chris Cosma, #11 April Keating, #12 David Irwin, #13 Tara Olson, #14 Allison Kennedy, #15 Robert Forman, #16 Kristal Fuller, #17 Caroline Coykendall, #18 Kyle Ciampa, #19 Dominick Tascher, #20 Debra Pappas-Burback, #21 Kristine Dunn, #22 Amanda Fennig, #23 Bridgette Garvey, #24 Debra McAlister-Brown, #25 Ayli Gonzalez. #26 Erez “TJ” Shalom, #27 Alex Greenwood, #28 Anthony Yimin, #29 Renel Laurent, and #30 Lisa Kulsen

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At least 1 person dead at Brandon apartment complex

BRANDON, Fla. — Deputies are at an apartment complex where at least one person died, authorities say.

Investigators responded to the Indigo Point Apartments at 1850 Providence Lakes Blvd., according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Authorities are waiting for a warrant to begin an investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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